Apex Fun Run

What is the Apex Fun Run Program?

Beginning with the 2015 - 2016 school year, the traditional PTA FUNd Drive, which was our main source of fundraising in year's past, was replaced with the Apex Fun Run fundraising program.  Don’t let the Apex Fun Run confuse you.  As you did with the FUNd Drive, you can make a flat donation, however, you can also sponsor your student per lap in the culmination of the program -- the Apex Fun Run.   

The Apex Fun Run is an in-school program run by the APEX Team, designed to not only raise funds for our school but help EVERY student build confidence, be active, and get excited about being at Woolridge. The Apex Team provides enthusiastic athletes who will teach leadership lessons and give 300 hours of service to our school. The program culminates in it's main event, the Apex Fun Run, on the last day.  Your student will be encouraged to raise funds by obtaining sponsors (you, family, friends) and completing laps.  

Apex Fun Run Athletes will be at Woolridge during the two-week program:

  • Getting the students excited about learning and being active; and
  • Supporting the teachers & staff (in the cafeteria, bus loop, library, etc.)


Through out the program:

  • Students are raising pledges for the laps they run (between 26-36, 36-lap max).
  • Each lap is 1/16th of a mile. For instance, $1 per lap means $30 dollars to our school if the student runs 30 laps during the Fun Run.
  • The Fun Run held during school hours on November 18th.


EVERY student will (regardless of how much they raise):

  • Participate in a super-energized Pep Rally led by Apex athletes at the start of the program;
  • Participate in 5 quick leadership lessons on core values taught by energetic Apex team members;
  • Receive 5 Core Value Wrist Bands (new one with each lesson);
  • Receive an Apex Fun Run T-shirt; and 
  • Participate in the Fun Run obstacle course at the end of the program.


What is this year's theme?

This year's character theme is Apex LEGEND, where students will learn what it means to be a legendary leader:

Never Quit

For more information on the 2016 program, please view this letter from Mrs. Matheny and Kylie Draucker, PTA President and this newsletter for a great overview of what the program is all about.  If you have questions, please email Jessica at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How will the funds benefit Woolridge?

Our students, staff and PTA will benefit from this program as a whole. The funds raised this year will be going to the school to pay for Instructional resources such as web-based programs, updated books, technology tools and more! Plus, our PTA has promised that 10% percentage of whatever we raise will go directly into each classroom at Woolridge!

Please help us reach our goal

  • Talk to family and friends about pledging for your student
  • Reach out to potential sponsors via email and social media
  • Ask your child about the "Legend" character lessons
  • Download the Apex Fun Run App


Get a glimpse of the Apex Fun Run in action!

Last year, our students raised almost $30,000 in pledges for Woolridge! This provided enough funds for the addition of a ROCK WALL to the gym, as well as classroom funding and support for ongoing programs provided annually to the school through the PTA.

Aside from the incredible amount of funds raised, the Apex program brought some incredible school spirit, provided leadership and core value lessons to our students, an integrated fitness program, and additional staff and teacher support! Most importantly, it brought FUN! 

Check out the starts of the 3rd grade and 5th grade fun runs from October 2015:

3rd Grade Apex Fun Run Start

5th Grade Apex Fun Run Start

Schedule of Events

Monday, November 7
TEACHER AND STAFF HUDDLE | The teachers and staff get their very own pep rally to get pumped about the APEX Fun Run Program!

Wednesday, November 9 
STUDENT PEP RALLY | The students will get to dance, laugh and learn about the APEX Fun Run Program!  Remember to wear Blue and Orange on Thursday to support the Apex Program.

Thursday, November 10 
APEX LESSON | The energizing and motivating APEX staff will begin coming to each classroom to lead a 5-8 minute lesson. Remember to red, white and blue on Friday to support our Veterans.

Friday, November 11
APEX LESSON | Remember to wear your Woolridge Spirit Wear for Woolridge Spirit Day on Monday. 

Monday, November 14
APEX LESSON | Remember to wear gear from your favorite sports team on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 15
APEX LESSON | Remember to wear your sweats and tennis shoes for Workout Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 16
APEX LESSON | Remember to wear something that represents your favorite physical activity (no props, please).

Thursday, November 17
APEX LESSON | Get ready for Fun Run Day on Friday!

Friday, November 18 
FUN RUN DAY | Students will be given an APEX t-shirt to wear that day! Don't forget your running shoes for the big run! All students will be able to participate in this fun, active culmination of the APEX program featuring inflatable tunnels, music and high power energy.